Connecting DV Professionals with the Right Resources

As a state coalition, ICADV serves as a resource and support agency for member domestic violence service providers throughout Illinois. We connect DV professionals with the resources they need to best help survivors. Much of the technical assistance offered to local providers is related to the Illinois Services Guidelines Manual for Domestic Violence Victim Service Providers.  These guidelines outline the minimum requirements for service providers and covers areas such as administrative functions, adult services, children’s services, shelter policies and more.

Some types of assistance we provide

Survivor Resources

Finding the right resources for a survivor


Working together with other professionals


Providing programming guidance


Handling difficult situations


Obtaining research and statistics


Educating the public on the issues


Securing Grant Funding


Working in Compliance with Different State, Federal, or Legal Standards

Better Understanding of the Situation

Through our constant touch-points with DV advocates in the field, we learn about the issues affecting our work and survivors every day. Obstacles can come from many directions when trying to get a survivor the help they deserve, and it can be challenging to overcome them. But with the knowledge of the problems, we can suggest better policies to lawmakers, as well as create more relevant training materials for advocates in the future.

Need Assistance?

If you’re already an ICADV member organization, you can reach out to us any time by phone or online here.

If you’re interested in becoming a member to benefit from our technical assistance, you can learn more about joining ICADV by clicking the Become a Member link below.