We Can All Be Advocates

When many of us think about changing society, our minds might go to the figureheads and leaders of social movements—Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinem, Ellen Degeneres, Malala Yousafzai. While the leaders of these movements are undeniably important, true change does not happen overnight, and it does not happen because of just one person. True change happens when everyday people decide to contribute to movements larger than themselves.

Start Small

Anyone can be an advocate for domestic violence survivors. You don’t have to be famous, or be on TV, or have a huge Twitter following to make a difference. It starts with the small step of believing the stories of survivors, and then committing to learning more about the problems facing those survivors and their children.

Share Your Passion

We have the opportunity everyday to be an advocate just by chatting with others. Whether we’re at school, work, church, wherever—it’s an opportunity to let others know that you care about domestic violence issues. If you wear purple during Domestic Violence Awareness month in October, your coworkers may ask what it’s about. Share with them! It’s in these one-on-one discussions that real social change starts happening.

Reframe the Conversation

If you hear someone say, “Well, why don’t they just leave,” respond with, “Why are the abuser’s actions allowed to go unpunished?” If you hear a myth like, “Men can’t be victims of domestic violence,” speak up. Many of society’s misunderstandings about domestic violence are perpetuated because people simply accept them as the truth. By reframing or challenging these myths and misconceptions, we can start a conversation that might lead to a changed mind.

Call Your Representatives

Let lawmakers know that protecting domestic violence survivors through strong and safe policy is important to you. Officials at the local, state, and federal level have the power to positively affect the work being done to protect survivors—reach out to any or all of them.

You can always call or email to voice your support for survivors, even if you’re not referencing a specific rule or piece legislation. But you can always mention the Illinois Domestic Violence Act when speaking to your state reps or the Violence Against Women Act when talking with representatives in Washington, D.C.

You can find the names and contact information for all of your elected representatives using the link below.  

Volunteer With Your Local Program

Many shelters and service providers are making a lot happen with limited resources, so they are frequently in need of volunteers. Reach out and see what kind of help they could use! You can find a program near you using the link below.

Keep Up with ICADV

You can keep up with ICADV’s work by signing up for our newsletter and by following us on social media (links to both are at the bottom of this page). If you want to do even more to support our mission, you can join ICADV with a Friends Membership or donate to help support our work.

Join ICADV’s Team

ICADV is the statewide advocacy organization composed of over 50 member organizations throughout Illinois who service victims of domestic violence and their children. Through training and technical assistance ICADV provides support to those agencies to provide the best service to families. Our advocacy, lobbying and public education help inform policy development that builds the best safety nets possible for survivors and their children while holding perpetrators accountable.

It is the responsibility and privilege of all ICADV employees to uphold the mission and vision of this agency. ICADV is a feminist organization and what that means to us is that we work to advance the principle that all people have the right to a life free of oppression and violence. We work to foster change in our economic, social, and political systems and bring leadership expertise and best practices to Illinois domestic violence victim service agencies and communities engaged in ending domestic violence.

ICADV allows its employees access to generous benefits including:

  • Supportive work environment encouraging professional growth and independence
  • Encouragement for staff to maintain self care and work-life balance
  • Team centered colleagues who are accessible
  • Personal fulfillment in knowing work efforts are helping make families safer throughout the entire state
  • Incredible time off benefits including vacation, health care leave, and holidays
  • Employer provided health, dental, vision, short term disability, and life insurance
  • SIMPLE IRA plan contribution
  • 35 hour full time work week (occasional additional hours may be necessary to meet deadlines)
  • Flexible schedule with partial telecommute options for most positions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ICADV has modified its in person office work hours to accommodate lower in person daily attendance.

ICADV is an equal opportunity employer that values a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. We encourage applications from all qualified individuals without regard to arrest or conviction, race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability or veteran status. We encourage applicants with disabilities who may need accommodations in the application process to contact the office. Applications including resume should be submitted through this webform or submitted to conlon@ilcadv.org.

ICADV is not currently seeking applicants for any positions.