Myths and Facts of Domestic Violence?

Myth:  “Women are just as violent as men.”

"In 2007, 45% of female homicide victims were murdered by intimate partners; 5% of male homicide victims were murdered by intimate partners."*

"85% of all domestic violence is perpetrated against women."****


Myth:  “It is easy for battered women to leave their abuser.”

"Women who are separated from their partners have the highest rates of intimate partner victimization (42%) as opposed to 1% for married women, 9% for divorced women and 5% for women who have never been married." ***


Myth:  “Domestic violence is a private issue. It doesn't impact society."


"The direct health care costs of domestic violence are approximately $4.1 billion with an additional $1.8 billion in productivity losses associated with injuries and premature death." **

"The health care costs associated with each incident of domestic violence are $948 in cases in which women are victims and $387 in cases in which men are the victims."*****

"Women who have experienced domestic violence in their lifetimes are more likely to report the following than women who have not eperienced domestic violence: use of disability equipment; arthritis; asthma; activity limitations; stroke; high blood cholesterol; heart attack; heart disease; risk factors for HIV and STDs; smoking; and heavy or binge drinking."****


Facts taken from materials written by Missouri Coalition, siting outside data sources from the following:

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