Survivor Stories

In 2012, the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence introduced the Emergency Assistance for Victims Fund (EAVF). These small grants are intended for survivors of domestic violence who are working with a local domestic violence program to help them gain economic self-sufficiency. Read about how the ICADV Emergency Assistance to Victims has helped victims in need or make a donation to The Fund now!


Advocates throughout the state are providing services to survivors of domestic violence and their children, day in and day out. Services range from domestic violence educaiton, to counseling and emotional support, to assistance seeking legal protections under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, to assistance increasing a survivor's economic sufficiency, emergency shelter, and transitional housing among other things.

Each survivor has a story, a unique story.

Through the voice of the survivors healing from domestic violence every day and advocates helping those survivors first hand, we have compiled these stories to share.


March 2010
Central Illinois


February 2010
Northwestern Illinois

Southern Illinois


SURVIVORS HAVE SPOKEN - "From The Front Lines: Survivor and Provider Perspectives On Illinois Domestic Violence Assistance gaps and Action Initiatives."

Read more about what they said in ICADV's report summarizing a three year assessment of the lack of supports available to survivors and our plan for communities to better meet those needs.

Full Report

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