Domestic Violence Statistics For Illinois Services

Below, please find statistical information about the numbers of survivors served and services provided each fiscal year by domestic violence service providers that are members of and/or receive funding from ICADV.

FY18 ~ FY17 ~ FY16 ~ FY15 ~ FY14 ~ FY13 ~ FY12 ~ FY11 ~ FY10 ~ FY09

FY08 ~ FY07 ~ FY06 ~ FY05 ~ FY04 ~ FY03 ~ FY02 ~ FY01 ~ FY00 ~ FY99

Outcomes Of Domestic Violence Services: FY14 ~ FY13 ~ FY12 ~ FY11

Services Specific To Children: FY14 ~FY13

Recent funding cuts and the State of Illinois' inability to pay domestic violence service providers in a timely manner has had several negative impacts for survivors of domestic violence and their ability to seek safety for themselves and their children.

More Lay Offs, More Survivors Turned Away From Shelter

Fewer Children Served

Staff Are Paying To Provide Services OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS

Shelter Criteria Has Changed, Resulting In More Survivors Being Turned Away

Programs Are Losing Their Most Experienced Staff, Costing Them Money