Illinois Domestic Violence Service Provider Guidelines

The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Bureau of Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention and the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) are dedicated to helping individuals live free from domestic and sexual violence by promoting prevention and by working in partnership with communities to advance safety, equality, and respect for all. IDHS and ICADV worked together to develop the Illinois Domestic Violence Service Provider Guidelines. These guidelines were updated in June 2017. Download now.

IDHS and ICADV fund the comprehensive, community-based domestic violence services described in this manual.  These services include 24-hour crisis hotlines, emergency shelter, advocacy, counseling, and related intervention and prevention services such as information and referral, transportation, and community outreach.  All services are provided in a manner that seeks to ensure the safety of the domestic violence survivor and any vulnerable family members. 

To assure the protection, health, safety, and well being of persons receiving domestic violence services through IDHS or ICADV funding, program and service requirements have been established with which all funded programs must comply.  The purpose of these minimum requirements is to ensure the quality and consistency of domestic violence services across the state, while also allowing for individuality, flexibility and creativity in program services.  The requirements are listed in each chapter of this manual under the heading of Minimum Requirements for the service or administration area described.