Domestic Violence Law In Illinois

Illinois Domestic Violence Act

In 1982, Illinois passed the Illinois Domestic Violence Act (IDVA) that provided safety provisions for survivors of domestic violence and their children by holding their batterer's accountable in the criminal and civil justice systems in Illinois. The IDVA statute includes not only criminal charges that may be pursued against batterers but also provides survivors an opportunity to petition the courts for an Order of Protection.

You may download the IDVA or order bound copies from our Public Education Materials department. However, if you order bound copies you will be charged for shipping costs.

If you are a survivor of domestic violence, you may choose to review the IDVA. However, you are also encouraged to contact your local domestic violence program for assistance in understanding how the IDVA may be used as a tool to help keep you safer.


ICADV's Position Paper on Court Accountability

ICADV published a position paper titled "Achieving Accountability in Domstic Violence Cases: A Practical Guide for Reducing Domestic Violence". This position paper outlines the challenges of holding perptrators of domestic violence accountable and core principles for increasing that accountability through the justice system.





Illinois Coalition of Domestic Violence