Getting Men Involved In Ending Violence Against Women

"I enjoyed working...with ICADV over the years.  I cannot emphasize enough how much I learned about being a father, a husband and a man while working at Quanada [an ICADV member program]." --2010, Jerry Gille, Former Executive Director, QUANADA in Quincy, IL.



Men Endorsing Non-violence (MEN) Committee’s Mission: The mission of the MEN’s Committee is to create a statewide initiative to include men as collaborators in efforts to be accountable for promoting safe, respectful, non-abusive relationships.

ICADV’s mission states that the coalition works to “eliminate domestic violence” and “expose the roots of domestic violence, with primary emphasis on the institutionalized subservience of women.”  By coordinating statewide domestic violence agencies and partner abuse intervention programs, ICADV has a statewide structure collectively working to address this violence and its underlying causes. The MEN committee believes that we cannot eliminate gender-based violence without addressing men’s role in perpetuation, and prevention.  Moreover, the ICADV mission and structure allows for increased opportunities for the MEN committee to engage in institutional advocacy and statewide organizing, all of which are in line with the renewed focus of the committee. 


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