Program Council Membership

Its Rewards

Being a Program Council member of ICADV gives your domestic violence program access to information and resources that help your program stay strong and support the survivors and children you serve. Membership has its rewards...


Advocacy Materials

Obtain resources that aid you in educating decision-makers about domestic violence issues.

Action Alerts

Receive information about state and national policy impacting domestic violence survivors and what steps you can take to help move it in the right direction.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Receive peer-to-peer support from other member domestic violence or partner abuse intervention programs.

Retreats and Regional Meetings

Participate in Retreats and Regional meetings where Program Council members share their experiences, discuss ongoing and emerging issues, and brainstorm how to best address needs in the field.

Intensive Technical Assistance

Access intensive technical assistance when your program faces a special challenge and you need extra support – via telephone, email and in person.

Policy Development

Receive help in development of organizational policies to increase effectiveness of operations and other areas of need.

Training and Public Education

Expand your staff’s access to knowledge by accessing ICADV online trainings and over 40 different brochures and posters at reduced or waived fees.

Have a Statewide Voice

Express the needs of your agency and survivors you serve in statewide discussions by participating in one of the many policy and services committees operating through ICADV.

Interested in becoming a voting board member, read more about the Voting Member Criteria.