Program Council Membership


Program Council Membership Criteria


ICADV's Program Council is comprised of two types of member agencies:  

  • Domestic Violence Service Providers
  • Partner Abuse Intervention Programs

BOTH TYPES MUST SUPPORT THE VISION AND MISSION OF ICADV. Please see and sign the ICADV Membership Assurances for those requirements.

PROGRAM COUNCIL MEMBER TYPE 1 -- Domestic Violence Service Provider
Requirements: Not for profit organization that provides free, direct, victim-centered services to domestic violence victims and their vulnerable family members; 24 hour response by trained staff; access to shelter; and at least three of the following: (1) walk in counseling (individual and/or group), (2) legal/court advocacy, (3) children's ervices, or (4) information and referral.
Fee: ½ of 1% of the previous year's domestic violence services expenses. The minimum annual dues for a Program Council member is $500 with maximum dues of $2,500.
PROGRAM COUNCIL MEMBER TYPE 2 -- Partner Abuser Intervention Services Provider
Requirements: Must be a State of Illinois protocol approved program that provides, on a sliding scale, abuser education services by trained staff that include at least the following:  (1) place the safety and rights of victims/survivors at the highest priority to stop domestic violence;  (2) educate that abuse can never be condoned under any circumstance; (3) help perpetrators acknowledge that they are responsible for their violent and/or abusive behaviors; (4) teach the causes and forms of domestic violence; (5) assess the history of the perpetrator's relationship, as a whole, rather than one incident; (6) focus on ending violence and/or abuse, not saving relationships; (7) work closely with the local comprehensive domestic violence victim services program; and (8) work with the criminal justice system to hold perpetrators accountable, by reporting failure to complete PAIP work, if court-ordered, and reporting any additional violence, or threat of violence, to probation and the court.  PAIP is not required to provide direct victim services and is not required to be not-for-profit.
Fee: Dues for Program Council members of ICADV are ½ of 1% of the previous year's domestic violence services expenses. The minimum annual dues for a Program Council members is $500 with maximum dues of $2,500.


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