Survivor Stories - ICADV Emergency Assistance To Victims Fund

In 2012, the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence introduced the Emergency Assistance for Victims Fund (EAVF). These small grants are intended for survivors of domestic violence who are working with a local domestic violence program to help them gain economic self-sufficiency. Here are a few of those success stories! Make a donation to the fund now!

Central Illinois
Ava came to the shelter broken down, overwhelmed and not sure where to turn. She had recently left her abuser and had nowhere to stay. During her stay at the shelter, Ava faced several barriers to finding her own place to live. She did not have any income, a poor credit history and has a felony on her record from years before. After thirty days of job searching, she was able to obtain employment at a local grocery store. But, her income was limited and she struggled with finding a new apartment. She looked at a different apartment almost every day, but everything was too expensive and it took her another month to find something she could afford.  The small grant from ICADV’s Emergency Assistance for Victims Fund helped her pay one month of rent and gave Ava another tool to assist her in reaching economic advocacy.
Ava is employed but her hours and income vary from week to week. A small grant from ICADV’s Emergency Assistance for Victims Fund helped Ava with her rent, giving her the ability to pay her other monthly bills and work towards economic self-sufficiency.

Cook County Suburbs
After leaving her abuser, Sandra took a leap of faith and quit the minimum wage job that wasn’t making ends meet to go back to school. With three children, all under the age of eight, this was a huge step, but she enrolled in three classes and began making small payments on the cost just to keep her place. Through the small Economic Self- Sufficiency Grant from ICADV’s Emergency Assistance for Victims Fund, Sandra was able to pay the remaining balance of her classes and use the remaining fund for textbooks. Sandra said she feels relieved to be able to concentrate on her studying without having to worry about where she will find the funds to help her pay for classes and books.

Northern Illinois
Elsa injured her ankle, but never had enough extra income to pay for medical supplies. The ankle never healed properly and the injury has kept her from working full-time. With a small Self-Sufficiency Grant from ICADV’s Emergency Assistance for Victims Fund, Elsa was able to purchase physical therapy aids and braces. She was also able to get a prescription she hadn’t been able to afford. Once she has healed, her mobility will greatly increase and she will be able to return to her work on a full-time basis.