Funding Eligibility

Eligibility for each funding opportunity is specifically outlined in the Notice of Funding Opportunity for that project. However, generally for the purposes of funding, ICADV considers a domestic violence victim service provider an agency that:

  • Is a legally incorporated not for profit organization whose principal mission is to provide services to victims of domestic violence.  Services consist of one or more of the following:  information, crisis intervention, emergency shelter, referral, counseling, advocacy, or emotional support. 
  • Has a record of providing effective, victim-centered services for the past two years.  Victim-centered services are those that promote empowerment and self-determination of victims and which hold abusers accountable for their behavior.
  • Provides services that are free, nondiscriminatory and confidential;
  • Provides all staff and volunteers with 40 hours of domestic violence training.  Staff trained after July 1, 2004, must be trained by a site approved by the Illinois Certified Domestic Violence Professionals;
  • Provides 24 hour telephone accessibility by personnel without requiring the victim to make a second phone call or wait for a return phone call;
  • Provides access to safe housing, including access to trained staff and services to effectively meet the needs of victims;
  • Has demonstrated ability to utilize an intake assessment to determine eligible clients and uses appropriate service plans for eligible clients;
  • Assists victims in seeking available crime victim compensation benefits;
  • Promotes coordinated public and private efforts within the local community to aid crime victims;
  • Has credibility within their service community regarding provision of services to domestic violence victims.

Additional critieria may also be outlined in funding opportunity announcements.

If you are interested in receiving funding opportunity announcements from ICADV, please contact us.