Mission and Vision

The  general purpose of the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence is to eliminate violence against women and their children: to promote the eradication of domestic violence across the state of Illinois; to ensure the safety of survivors, their access to services, and their freedom of choice; to hold abusers accountable for the violence they perpetrate; and to encourage the development of victim-sensitive laws, policies and procedures across all systems that impact survivors of domestic violence.  The specific and primary purposes are:


  1. Provide statewide leadership as the voice for survivors of domestic violence and the programs that serve them;
  2. Change fundamental societal attitudes and institutions that promote, tolerate, or condone domestic violence;
  3. Ensure that women and children have knowledge of and access to all services and opportunities endeavoring to promote these services locally

In a way that:

  1. Respects women’s and children’s choices and cultural diversity, and
  2. Utilizes all available levers: public policy advocacy; program capacity and delivery; community awareness and education; cooperation with associated agencies; and partnerships with communities and key stakeholders.